Westomat® Dosing Furnaces vs Ladle Systems

Westomat Dosing Furnaces vs Ladle SystemsZEELAND, MI USA – StrikoWestofen America recently announced research results comparing Westomat® dosing furnaces versus ladle systems.

The five-day test conducted under real foundry conditions, concluded that Westomat® outperformed conventional ladle systems with a holding furnace in regards to:

  • Energy – Westomat® consumed only a 1/3 of the energy required by the ladle system.
  • Metal Yield – was 5 times better with the Westomat®. The closed furnace system showed metal losses of no more than 0.06 percent; outperforming ladles by a factor of five.
  • Melt Quality – with the Westomat® was better (reject rate reduced), vs. ladles: oxides form in an exposed melt with ladles; which reduces metal quality, and increases reject rates.

“The introduction of oxides into the pouring process is virtually ruled out for our Westomat® dosing furnaces as the melt is removed and added below the level of the bath. Also, Westomat® dosing furnaces maintain the bath temperature constant, with maximum deviations of 2°C from the target value,” explains, Martin Reeves, operations director for StrikoWestofen America.