Innovative Efficiency and Melt Quality

EtaMax® Shaft Design

The fundamental design philosophy on the StrikoMelter is the EtaMax System. Unlike any other shaft design on the market, this special shaft geometry of the StrikoMelter® and its specially designed burner technology combine preheating and melting in the melting bridge. Following the rapid melting of feed material at the lower area, the outlet flow of the waste gas preheats cold material in the overlying shaft area. The countercurrent flow of molten material and gas permits a very effective use of waste heat recovery down to 300° C according to the principle of regeneration. No add-ons are required. Due to this process, fuel consumption and metal loss are significantly lower than for any known competitive product.

shaft melter


Using CFD (computational fluid dynamics), StrikoWestofen engineering team visualized gas flows, temperature distribution and heat transfer points to further improvement the EtaMax shaft configuration, lowering energy consumption by an additional 10 to 15%. This puts the StrikoMelter PurEfficiency series into an efficiency class usually reserved for regenerative combustion systems. Improved gas flow not only save energy, it also reduce thermal load on all lining areas, extending the service life of the components.

aluminum melting

Hot Gas Baffle

A shortened melting free process, reduced gas consumption and a higher metal yield: the arguments in favour of a hot gas baffle are obvious. During the cleaning of the furnace, the melting chamber must be melted free at full burner power until the remaining dross can be removed. Our new hot gas baffle shortens the melting free process by up to 20 minutes per shift, thus increasing the system productivity by around four percent. At the same time, the energy consumption during the melting free process falls by a hefty 15 percent in comparison with the existing standard. The payback period for an investment in the hot gas baffle is less than one year.

shaft melting furnace

Porous Plug Gas Purging

If the quality of your melt has to meet high standards, we recommend our tailor-made gas purging solutions based on Porous Plug Technology. They can be integrated anywhere in the process chain: in the melting or holding furnace, in the transfer ladle, in the low pressure furnace or in the Westomat®.

Made of special porous material, the plugs release extremely small gas bubbles over their surface, resulting in excellent melt treatment results and low purge gas consumption. The controlled purging gas system ensures an excellent metallurgical result, without additional treatment. The purging intervals are programmed into the control system according to your requirements, eliminating any need for separate attention.

porus plug

ProDos® Control

The ProDos® xp dosing control unit is an intelligent precision control specially designed for die-casting. ProDos continuously analyses the processes of the die-casting machine in the background and adapts the dosing sequence of the Westomat® to precisely match the selected production cycle. This easy to read 15” touch screen controls, operates and displays the entire dosing process. Equipped with an interface for remote diagnostics, ProDos production data can be obtained via a USB interface. The process sequence is shown graphically in real time. Standard dosing programs for setting time- optimised processes are stored in the control unit.

melting furnace controls

ProDos®xp Diagnostics

Westomat® features an easily accessible diagnostic tool. Update to date control data can be downloaded and imported into the software via a USB connection. Within seconds, the most important system parameters are analysed and any potential deviations are displayed. Check system condition at any time without any external support.


Optimized Tapping Valve

An automatic tapping valve available on all non-tilting furnaces relieves your foundry staff of difficult manual valve opening. At the same time, the optimized and uniform operation of the work steps “open”, “close” and “rotate” extends the service life of valve seat and valve plug. The automatic tapping valve can be retrofitted to existing systems.

tapping valve