The Schnorkle® is an enclosed, pneumatically operated and self-contained transport ladle designed to safely transport molten aluminum from a central melting furnace and to fill remote Westomat dosing furnaces. With less than 1 bar compressed air and zero turbulence, molten aluminum is drawn from the bottom of the ladle at a constant and repeatable rate to the upper fill funnel of the Westomat dosing furnace via the insulated transfer tube.

With its low filling height and high visibility, the Schnorkle® significantly improves operator and workplace safety by eliminating the need and inherent hazards associated with lifting and tipping open ladles from high heights. In addition to operator safety, the Schnorkle® maximizes efficiency. The device is equipped with a separate insulated cover with an integrated port and flue for a burner. The refractory lined cover promotes high metal quality by reducing the need and energy required to overheat the melt to compensate for heat-loss commonly associated with conventional transport methods.

transport ladle