PurEfficiency® Shaft Melter Reduces Foundry Fuel Costs and Metal Loss

The StrikoMelter PurEfficiency Series is a next-generation aluminum shaft melter furnace optimized to achieve even greater output with less energy consumption. Our engineers have leveraged the EtaMax configuration for even greater energy savings. StrikoMelter PurEfficiency lowers energy consumption by an additional 10 to 15%, under real world foundry conditions. This puts the StrikoMelter PurEfficiency series into an efficiency class usually reserved for regenerative combustion systems. PurEfficiency helps you generate more melt with less energy and contributes to your environmental compliance.

Engineered for Longer Life Span

Improved gas flow not only saves energy, it also reduces the thermal load on all lining areas, extending the service life of the components. In particular, areas exposed to high mechanical stress have better protection against wear. This means extended maintenance intervals, fewer parts replacements and greater uptime.

Lowering Your Total Costs

Energy consumption, metal losses and investment for maintenance are responsible for more than 95 percent of the total costs arising throughout the service life of a melting furnace. The StrikoMelter® PurEfficiency® series of stack melter furnaces permanently reduces the expenses for operating and repair, thus lowering the unit costs of your castings, too.

Efficiency from The Inside Out

During the development process, our engineers made use of state-of-the-art simulation tools. Using CFD (computational fluid dynamics), they visualized gas flows, temperature distribution and heat transfer points. This improved the flow conditions and achieved an even more homogeneous temperature distribution in the shaft melter furnace. They were also able to make a direct comparison of different furnace chamber geometries, burner layouts and insulating strengths and determine the optimum combination of these factors.

25% Overall Energy Reduction

The StrikoMelter® PurEfficiency® is 10 to 15 percent more energy-efficient than the standard Strikomelter, which is already extremely economical. A measured consumption of currently only 815 BTU’s (53 m3 natural gas) per tonne of aluminium sets new standards without any modifications to the installtion height.

50% Emissions Reduction

Only 233 lb CO2 are now produced per ton of molten aluminum – about half of the amount emitted by a large number of melting systems worldwide. Depending on the size, therefore, one single StrikoMelter® PurEfficiency® furnace allows polluting CO2 emissions to be reduced by 950, 1600 or 2200 t per year, i.e. the quantity produced by around 400 – 900 cars. This is a huge step forward for the environment.

stack melter design

99.7 % Material Efficiency

One of the largest cost drivers in the production of liquid aluminum is metal loss occurring during the melting process. StrikoMelter® PurEfficiency® has been shown to use up to 99.7 percent of the input material.

Additional Highlights

  • Minimized wear and an optimized burner layout extend the service life of the refractory lining and permanently reduce the maintenance and operating costs
  • Optimal refractory geometry without projecting edges reduces the cleaning effort required
  • Optimal insulating materials and refractory masses reduce the surface temperatures
  • Lower lining costs thanks to a revised lining concept
  • Less waste metal thanks to the prevention of melting bath movements
  • Increased heat input into the metal thanks to optimized stck melter flow conditions and efficient utilization of the exhaust gases

Expanded Functionality

StrikoMelter® PurEfficiency® is the correct choice for all types of aluminum casting: die casting, sand casting and pressure die casting.

  • Baffle: optimizes the use of energy when the system is in holding operation only
  • Furnace pressure control: for a constant, energetically optimal furnace pressure when using a natural-draft chimney or an induced-draft fan
  • Charging systems: tailor-made for your own requirements: adapted to your own specific material logistics
  • Conveyor system: a reserve supply for maximum
  • Weighing system: weighs the material used and even contributes to logistics management
  • Porous plugs: allows the melt to be pre-treated in the holding bath (using nitrogen or argon)
  • Remote control diagnosis set: for online diagnosis by our service technicians
  • Optional display: visualizes all relevant operating parameters

We will gladly calculate the potential savings in your own individual working environment. Use our energy efficiency calculator under www.strikowestofen.com or schedule an onsite evaluation appointment with one of our engineers.