Foundry Support Equipment

The DC2 Degassing Unit

The purge gas mechanism is designed for metallurgical treatments – degassing and cleaning Al metal melts using inert gases. The advantage of the StrikoWestofen design lies in the low gas consumption and in the very fine, intense and wide-scale distribution of gas bubbles. The fineness of the bubbles achieved ensures a large effective area and a correspondingly high “purity level” of the melt. The DC2 is available in stationary or moveable models.

metal degassing

Ladle Preheating

·       for drying, heating and holding of foundry ladles
·       for sintering of relined ladles

foundry ladle

Thermotransport and Foundry Ladles

The thermal transfer ladles are heated electrically, making them ideal for transporting liquid metal, taken from the StrikoMelter® and transported to the treatment station (e.g., to the DC2 degassing unit). The thermal transfer ladles are available in the types and sizes CLHC M- 350, 600 and 800 kg/Al (M-770, 1300 and 1760 lb/Al).

LST-type ladles are suitable for pick-up with forklifts. To tilt the ladle, the forklift must be equipped with a turntable. LST type ladles are available in sizes 300, 500, 750, 1000 kg (660, 1,100, 1650, 2,200 lbs) capacity for liquid aluminum. We also supply foundry ladles with change pendants in 300, 500, 750 and 1000 kg (660, 1,100, 1,650 and 2,200 lbs). Special sizes available on request.

foundry ladle