Aluminum Distribution Launder System

The StrikoWestofen Aluminum Distribution Launder System is a customizable solution for numerous applications in the aluminum die-casting and foundry environments. Available with a wide range of technology upgrades, the Launder System is engineered to deliver consistent molten aluminum with minimal energy loss. The system can be configured to your specific requirements. Currently in use throughout Mexico, Canada and the U.S. in sizes ranging from 2 to 100 Meters (6.5 to 330 Feet).

Launder Distribution is available with:
  • Immersion Heaters or Dynarad Electric Resistance Heating Elements sized for each application and temperature consistency
  • SCR-Controlled Heater Control to offer tighter control for temperature requirements and reduced energy usage during weekend or production holds
  • Pneumatically Operated Launder Lids and included safety limit switches to control zone power
  • Independent Zone control that includes Thermocouples for Over-Temp Safety and Bath Temperature Control for efficient operation
  • AB HMI/PLC Controls or traditional Watlow/HoneyWell Controllers for the application
  • Customized Dip-Wells or Pocket Sizes for use with Auto-Ladle or Pump
Refractory Design Features:
  • 275mm Refractory Insulation Thickness on Launder floor and side-walls including:
    • 110mm Non-Wetting Premium Hot-Face Castable
    • 165mm Insulating Refractory Lining
  • Trough Section Geometry designed to reduce energy consumption by reducing exposure to atmosphere, utilizing the inherent properties of thermal conductivity of molten aluminum, and increasing ease of cleaning during use.
  • Highly-Reliable Launder Connection Design that combines the advantages of a compressive ceramic fiber seal, refractory mortared connection, and heavy-duty 3/4-inch thick bolted flanges resulting in ZERO leaks across 100+ flange connections and across successful installations across North America.
Steel/Construction Design Features:
    • Suitable for facility floors with sub-optimal leveling conditions. Each section of the launder distribution system is set on heavy-duty adjustable feet for floor leveling tolerances and installation ease.
    • Heavy-Duty 3/4-inch Thick Steel Flanges between all Launder sections to further reduce concern of warping or distortion over-time.
    • Launder System Leg-Sets and Launder Body are built independent to allow for the controlled expansion/contraction of the refractory materials and steel construction during initial heat-up, sinter, and use with molten metal. This is accomplished by including each Launder Leg-Set with over-sized pads designed to support the Launder Body structural pad locations.
    • Launder System can be customized for specific heights and facility layouts.
Launder System Controls:

Optional Allen Bradley HMI/PLC Controls combined with Customizable Launder System Dashboard for Quick Reference to System Health and Function including drill-downs for:

      • Temperature set-point adjustments (can be locked for quality assurance)
      • Temperature trend history across each zone of control and/or point-of-use for facility tracking
      • Continuously updated Power-Consumption Summary and Tracking
      • Alarm history access
      • I/O for Facility or External Equipment Integration
      • Equipment Spare Parts Screens
      • Expandable Memory, USB, or Ethernet Connectivity Options for Data Logging and Extraction