Dynarad® Magnesium Melting and Holding Equipment

StrikoWestofen offers both the Dynarad traditional system and a fully automated magnesium melting and holding equipment.

The Dynarad system, known for precious castings, feature integrated handling, melting & delivery systems for true turnkey startups. The electric resistance furnaces are environmentally clean while reducing melt losses, and significantly lower dross formation due to reactions from gas burner systems.

The Ferris Wheel™ Rotary Ingot Preheater / Loaders can be integrated with a simple and reliable Valve-less Gas Displacement Metering Pump and Transfer Pump designed specifically for use with magnesium.

The TrimixTM Gas Blending Station combines SF6, CO2, and compressed air to form a protective cover atmosphere over the magnesium. The Trimix System is available in different sizes for single furnaces, multiple furnaces, or as a custom designed centrally distributed system.


Operator loads magnesium alloy ingots into rotary magazine of StrikoWestofen America’s Ferris Wheel™ Automatic Ingot Preheater/Loader. One by one the magazine slowly rotates the ingots through a temperature controlled electric oven. After preheating in the oven, the ingots are extracted on command into a transfer chute where they are optically checked for minimum preheat temperature. Upon passing this test, each ingot is permitted to enter the melting furnace via the transfer chute.


Undesirable furnace bath temperature swings due to irregular manual ingot charging are eliminated because ingots, preheated to an adjustable temperature, are automatically delivered at regular preset intervals.


Preheating ingots drives off moisture and other contaminates to reduce the danger of furnace reactions and explosions. Automatic optical temperature sensing prevents cold, potentially hazardous ingots from entering the furnace. Mechanized loading eliminates exposure to the hazards of manual furnace charging.


Relieved of arduous furnace charging duties and provided with an increased supply of metal at the right bath temperature, the casting machine operator can concentrate on making better castings and more of them.


Dynarad Ferris Wheel™ Automatic Ingot Preheater/ Loader will automatically preheat and load magnesium ingots in a variety of shapes and sizes and at adjustable charging rates for both die casting and foundry applications. It is easily integrated into fully automated casting cell systems.