Gas-Fired Crucible

Capacities Available
  • CMHG-T 800 and CMHG-N 800 Models
  • Crucible Capacity 800kg
  • Maximum Melt Rate 360kg/hour
  • Additional capacities/melt rates available upon request
  • Thermocouple in bath to display/record actual temperature
  • Thermocouple in furnace chamber exhaust for personal and plant safety
  • Burners decrease power when within 5°C of target temperature
  • In holding mode, burners toggle on/off automatically to achieve highest efficiency
  • Weishaupt WM-G10 Modulating Burner for efficient control and reduced energy usage
  • Self-supporting angled flue connection provided for easy connection to exhaust flue by customer
  • Leak-detector probe included in furnace run-out for quick identification of cracked or damaged crucible
  • Gas Meter for verification of energy savings
  • Tilting or Non-Tilting design
  • Operator platforms and stairs available upon request