Die Casting Energy Savings Rebate

Energy Savings Rebate

StrikoMelter® melting furnace.

Chicago White Metal Casting Inc., an award-winning die caster, recently purchased a StrikoMelter® melting furnace, qualifying them for rebates of 50% of the cost of the furnace. The StrikoMelter® was selected for having the lowest energy consumption of any furnace in its class per pound of aluminum melted.

The StrikoMelter®, with its patented ETAmax® system, combines preheating, heating and melting phases efficiently in a single melting shaft. While return material and ingots are melted quickly in the lower section, the combustion gases preheat the new charge material in the shaft area above it. The molten metal is transferred to the holding bath without turbulence, reducing waste and accurately maintaining preset holding temperature. This simple, but effective, recuperative concept results in significant savings in fuel consumption and greatly reduces metal loss.

Chicago White Metal Die Casting received the rebate through the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program, which is funded by Nicor Gas Company of Northern Illinois. This particular program currently rebates $1 per therm saved, per anum, maxing out at $500,000 or 50% of the total project cost, whichever is lower. Similar programs are available across the country.

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