• Outperforms Any Stack Melter or Reverb. Find Out.

    StrikoMelter shaft design melts more efficiently than any stack melter, delivering purer metal. Watch our video.

  • Better Aluminum Castings Start With StrikoWestofen

    A purer melt achieved with less energy and a faster cycle time. That’s the start to more profitable aluminum castings.

  • Call Team Striko for Metal-Melting Parts and Service

    From installation to software updates to wearing parts replacement, we’re only a phone call away.

  • Westomat® Dosing Furnace … HPDC Aluminum Dose

    Westomat accurate, turbulent free dosing keeps pace with your high pressure die casting.


Aluminum Melting Furnace Technology

High pressure die casting (HPDC) is key in automotive, aerospace and hard goods castings throughout the world. No one company delivers more innovation and efficiency to the die cast industry than StrikoWestofen. StrikoWestofen products are engineered from the ground up to outperform on the foundry floor. StrikoMelter produces purer melts using less energy. Westomat feeds that purer aluminum at pace with high cycle die cast machines. The result? Higher quality die castings at a lower cost.

The StrikoWestofen hallmark is developing melting innovations that improve energy, efficiency, durability, metal yield and reduced emissions.

aluminum melting furnace
StrikoMelter®, now with EtaMax II, is the foundry choice for melting aluminum, offered in a wide range of capacities and configuration, including the PurEfficiency® product line, with the lowest energy consumption rates found globally.
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Westomat Dosing Furnace
Westomat®, the automatic holding and dosing furnace, guarantees the highest dosing precision. Runs circles around traditional ladle processes, keeping pace with the fastest cast cycles
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Melting and Holding Furnace
Dynarad® is the best known name in American crucible and non-crucible furnaces, launder systems, furnace support products, and miscellaneous equipment
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The name to know for bottom line performance: StrikoWestofen … global manufacturer of melting and holding furnaces for the light metal die casting and provides energy-efficient solutions for die casting, gravity casting (sand and permanent mold) and low pressure casting.